5 Sustainable Gift Ideas for Christmas

Especially during the Christmas season, giving presents is very important. We want to make our loved ones happy, and besides, it is somehow part of the season.

For conscious consumer behavior, however, the choice of the gift should be well-considered. That’s why we want to introduce you to a few gift ideas that are based on mindfulness and sustainability.

5 Sustainable Gift Ideas

  1. DIY – Homemade is more personal
    Do-it-yourself gifts not only show your recipient that you have really taken the time and thought, but also make you feel more appreciative of the gift.
    Depending on the preferences of the recipient, you can customize your DIY gift. Maybe something delicious to eat, a nice piece of clothing, or a unique item like a homemade mug? There are no limits to your creativity!
    Our blank products, such as the Easy M Year Planner, are also perfect for individual gifts. You can paint them, stick them on and design them however you like. You can also find inspiration on our Instagram Account with our #drawtober artist: inside project.
  2. Quality Time – Time instead of stuff
    Unfortunately, it is not possible to give other people more time, but you can give loved ones more time with you. A beautiful card in which you give a picnic you have planned, a trip to the cinema or a day hike can be a wonderful gesture that does not pollute the environment and you clearly show: Hey, I care about you!
  3. Plants
    Plants not only look wonderful, but they also improve the indoor air. An easy-care ivy, green lilies, or aloe vera, for example, are well-known air improvers. There is a suitable species for every room and every level of care. Even for the rather cool bedroom. Ever heard of Cyclamen? Add a planter in your favorite color and volià: joy is guaranteed. Be careful with the popular poinsettia, however, as it is highly poisonous for pets!
  4. A  Good Deed
    For a plus point on the karma account, you can also give a good deed as a gift. You can support a charitable organization in the name of the recipient, plant a tree or apply for a sponsorship.
    Our Pride Collection notebooks make a subtle statement for human rights, and our Samaya “Wildlife” annual planner supports Pro Wildlife with every purchase.
    Or you can give a small flower meadow as a gift in the form of our Seed books, where a tender plant grows from every thought.
  5. Supporting Green Businesses
    The need for sustainable consumption has long been at the center of society. There are many cool companies that focus on an environmentally friendly production process and where you don’t have to feel guilty when shopping for gifts. Here you should make sure that there is no Greenwashing going on.
    You are welcome to find out more about our Corporate Philosophy on our website and take a closer look at our products in our shop. As a small publishing house from Dresden that produces vegan and sustainable products from grass paper, we do our best to set a good example!

Take a look at our shop and discover wonderful, sustainable and vegan gift ideas for your loved ones.

We wish you a reflective and wonderful Christmas season!