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About us

The name matabooks is inspired by the word “mother” in Sanskrit, the original language of India. For the founder of matabooks, it is an expression of respect towards “Mother Nature”. Here you can learn more about us.

The Dresden-based publishing house matabooks would like to encourage sustainable consumer behaviour. We, humans, consume so many resources that it would currently take one and a half earths to cover our needs. In the area of book production, matabooks wants to make a difference. All our books are produced in a manufactory because we don’t want to produce more than necessary.

We look at the entire book production process from an environmental perspective. This is done by selecting all production steps and finishing processes with regard to their ecological balance (indicators are, for example, water consumption, energy consumption, emissions to air and water as well as the recyclability of the materials). Furthermore, all our books are shipped without plastic packaging.

It is equally important to us to integrate social components into the matabooks concept. That’s why each of our collections is linked to a charitable project. For example, we donate part of the proceeds to organisations that also work for a better world. And the illustrations are exclusively realised by up-and-coming creative minds. In this way, we give small artists the opportunity to present their work on our books.

There is currently some research going on concerning sustainable publishing. In the area of materials technology, matabooks is working on processes that will lead book production in an environmentally friendly direction in the future. For example, adhesives and printing inks are being developed that will consist of purely vegetable, renewable resources.

We are already available in some Unverpackt shops, Podemus and biocompany, but you can also buy our books in selected Thalia branches. To find out where exactly you can find us, just take a look at our matamap. There we have linked all the shops for you.


In 2014, C+G PAPIER GMBH initiated a research project together with the German Environmental Federation, the Papiertechnische Stiftung (PTS), and the Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelm-Universität Bonn to investigate the suitability of grass as a raw material for paper production. In May 2015, it was confirmed that grass can be used for the production of corrugated board, cardboard, and graphic papers. However, so far only packaging has been produced from this material. Grass has not yet played a role in book production. Therefore, matabooks came up with the idea of developing books that not only have an improved eco-balance but are also vegan and meet the technical requirements of book production.

Our paper is produced with a grass fibre content of up to 50 %, the fresh fibre content comes from forests with the FSC label and the material is certified organic. It is also recyclable and compostable. Find out more about grass paper here.

No. We can refer to sources that confirm that our grass paper is classified as harmless and therefore does not cause any allergic reaction. You can find the allergy certificate here.

Sweetgrass paper is 100 % wood-free, eco-friendly, sustainable, vegan, socially responsible, organic, compostable, and recyclable. The paper mill uses agricultural waste and works with farmers in India. Find out more about sweetgrass paper here.

Natural rubber and organic cotton in Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX® are used for the vegan bookmarks and elastic bands on the books. This excludes genetically modified cotton. Read more about our materials here.

The eco-printing inks used are free of mineral oils and therefore protect the environment. These palm oil-free, vegan inks are based on tree resins as well as soy and linseed oil. They are also easily biodegradable and sustainable. We exclude paints that are produced on the basis of animal testing. Learn more about our materials here.

We work with a water-based, glutin-free adhesive. Find out more about our materials here.

Our sustainable seed books are notebooks with wildflower seeds embedded in the cover. When you plant these books in the ground, you can enjoy your own little flower patch. We can’t guarantee that the seeds will grow.

Online shop and Shipping

Generally, there are no reprints, because we don’t want to produce more than necessary. The annual planners are always a limited edition for the particular year, but it’s possible that other products will have designs that return. However, there is no guarantee for that.

As we produce the majority of our Matabooks by hand in a small manufactory, slight imperfections may occur on our books during production. These books can be used in the same way as all our other products, with one difference: they have some minor flaws. Since we cannot sell these copies, we have introduced the “Perfectly Imperfect” project – a project where you can support us with a fixed amount when placing your order to produce our books even more sustainably. In return, we thank you with one of our slightly imperfect Matabooks. In this way, we can prevent materials, energy, and labour from being wasted.

You are very welcome to add which books you are interested in to the notes during the ordering process. If we have one in stock, we will be happy to send you one. If we don’t have any in stock at the moment, we will see if we can send you a similar one. The books really only have slight creases or are not 100 % perfect in print, so there is usually no difference at all – so they also make great gifts.

Yes! You can find our e-gift cards in the gifts section.

All prices are final prices and include the statutory value added tax. The following shipping costs are charged once per order:

1,50 € (Postkarten)
3,90 € (Bücher)

8,93 € (< 0,5 kg)
12,97 € (< 1 kg)
17,73 € (> 1 kg)

Non-EU countries
8,93 € (< 0,5 kg)
12,97 € (< 1 kg)
28,44 € (> 1 kg)

The shipping fee includes packaging and postal charges. In the case of partial deliveries, the fee is only charged once. From an amount of 70 € for deliveries within Germany or 150 € for deliveries to the EU (other 250 €), no further costs are incurred for shipping. For deliveries to non-EU countries, additional customs duties, taxes and fees may apply.

Only the following payment methods are available:

    • PayPal
    • SEPA direct debit
    • Giropay
    • Klarna
    • Direct bank transfer
    • Purchase by invoice
    • Cash payment at pick-up

Other payment methods are not offered and will be rejected.

Matabooks are available worldwide through our online shop. However, as we ship our orders with Deutsche Post, it may take a little longer for them to reach you abroad.

There is a small cross next to the product in the shopping cart for that.

Shipping to packing stations is only possible for parcels weighing less than 1 kilo and with a product value under 40.00 €.

We send our orders with DPD and Deutsche Post.

After placing an order

If you have not received anything after 10 days, please contact us. Send us a message with your order number via our contact form.

The goods will be shipped immediately after confirmed receipt of payment. The standard delivery time is 3 days unless otherwise stated in the item description. For a faster delivery you can call us and we can arrange an express delivery for an extra charge.

Yes, it’s usually possible. Just let us know in advance by phone or via our contact form and bring a bit of time with you.

You can return a product within 14 days. Please note that in this case you will have to pay the shipping costs for the return of the goods.

Please send us a message with your order number via the contact form. We will then need pictures of the damaged item to check your request. If a claim is made, the product will be replaced.

Please send us a message with your order number via our contact form.

Please send us a message with your order number via our contact form.

Please send us a message with your order number via our contact form.

Please send us a message with your order number via our contact form.


Yes, we’ll make sure your book is printed on sustainable grass paper or sweet grass paper and then bound vegan. Check out our printshop for more information.

Yes, we print personalised flyers, business cards, posters, art prints, and more on our sustainable grass or sweet grass paper. Check out our printshop for more information.


You can create an account in the B2B distributor section. Then send us an email at [email protected] with your user name and VAT number, letting us know that you want to be verified as a trader. We will then give you access.

Simply send us an enquiry with the relevant products using our contact form.

There are three different payment methods available to you: PayPal, direct bank transfer, or by invoice. Please note: with direct bank transfer, we will only send your order once we have received the money.

For a remission, a contract with matabooks must be concluded beforehand.

No, there is not. Delivery is free of charge from a value of 70.00 € within Germany / 150 € within the EU / 250 € internationally.


If you like to draw or paint, then get in touch with us via our contact form. It’s best to send us a selection of your works. This will give us a first impression of you. If we like it, we’ll add you to our talent pool.

We are currently not working on any book projects. Nevertheless, please send us your manuscript via our contact form, as exceptions are always possible. If we start a new project, we will contact you.

Still unanswered questions

Write us a message via our contact form.

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