What is behind the name “Matabooks”?
The name Matabooks is derived from the word “mother” in the original Indian language Sanskrit. For the founder of Matabooks it is the expression of respect for “Mother Nature”.


How did the idea of making books out of grass come about?
In 2014, C+G PAPIER GMBH initiated a research project together with the Deutschen Umweltbund, the Papiertechnischen Stiftung (PTS) and the Rheinischen Friedrich-Wilhelm-Universität Bonn to investigate the suitability of grass as a raw material for paper production. In May 2015 it was confirmed that grass can be used for the production of corrugated board, cardboard and graphic papers. However, this material has so far only been used to produce packaging. Grass has not yet played a role in book production. Matabooks therefore came up with the idea of developing books that not only have an improved ecological balance sheet, but are also free of animal components and meet the technical requirements of book production.

What goals does Matabooks pursue with its book production?
Matabooks wants to encourage sustainable consumer behaviour. We humans consume so many raw materials that currently one and a half earths would be needed to cover our needs. Matabooks wants to make a difference in the field of book production. All our books are produced on demand, as we do not want to produce more than necessary.


How does Matabooks contribute to environmental sustainability?
We consider the entire book production process from an environmental perspective. This is done by selecting all production steps and finishing processes with regard to their life cycle assessment (indicators are, for example, water consumption, energy consumption, air and water emissions, and the recyclability of materials). Furthermore, all our books are shipped without plastic packaging.


How does Matabooks contribute to social sustainability?
It is important to us to include social components in the concept of Matabooks and to give young people in particular the opportunity to put their ideas into practice with our help. Thus, the story for our first novel was written by the young author Sophie Frohnauer and is entitled “Das Flüstern der Rebellion”. Also all creative aspects are realized exclusively by creative, young people. Thus we give young artists the opportunity to present their works on our book covers and young authors can have their texts published by us. If you would like to become a part of Matabooks and publish your story or illustration, just write us! In addition, we donate a part of the proceeds of every book sold to charitable organizations such as the association “Anderes Sehen e.V.”, which produces books for blind children.


Research Work
At present, some research work is underway on the topic of sustainable publishing. In the area of materials technology, Matabooks is working on processes that will lead book production in an environmentally friendly direction in the future. For example, adhesives and printing inks are being developed which, in the future, could be made from purely plant-based and renewable raw materials.

How can I apply to you as an author/illustrator?
We are always on the lookout for new talent. If you like to draw, paint or write, please contact us and send us a selection of your work. That way we can get a first impression of you. If we like it, we will take you into our creative pool.


In which shop near me can I buy your books?
We are already represented in several retail stores and recently you can also buy our books in selected Thalia stores. To find out exactly where to find us, just have a look at our Website. There we have linked all stores for you.


Could I be allergic to the grass paper?
No. We can refer to sources that confirm that our grass paper is classified as harmless and therefore does not cause an allergic reaction. You can get more information here:[1] [2]


Can I have my own design printed on your notebook?
Yes, if you want to have your own logo or motif printed on our notebooks, just send us an e-mail with your wishes. Together we will see how we can realize your ideas.


What exactly can I imagine by grass paper?
For the production of grass paper, normal grass is used, which you know from the meadow.
This is sun-dried and then processed in the paper mill.
It also contains fresh fibers to ensure stability.


Is there a Matabooks store too?
So far, there is only one Matabooks online store where you can buy our products. You can also find us in some retail stores and Thalia stores in Dresden, Berlin and other cities.


What is a seed book?
Our seed books are notebooks where wildflower seeds are incorporated in the book cover. If you plant these books in the ground, you can enjoy your own little flower meadow. This way you can not only give something back to nature, but also make your own thoughts grow.


When will I receive an answer to my e-mail?
We will try to reply to your e-mail as soon as possible. Since we receive numerous mails every day, you may have to wait a few days for your reply. We give our best!