Grass Paper – Vegan and Sustainable

As Germany’s first V-label-certified vegan publishing house with award-winning books made of grass paper, matabooks is revolutionising the book industry and creating a novelty. The philosophy is all about sustainability. Therefore, matabooks manufactures all products in Germany from environmentally friendly grass paper or Sweetgrass Paper. This saves resources and reduces CO2 emissions. Furthermore, no materials with animal components are used. This is how matabooks makes its contribution to environmental, climate, and animal protection.

What is grass paper, though?

up to

50 %

Grass fibre content

For the production of grass paper, normal grass from meadows is used. It gets sun-dried and then processed in the paper mill. The paper is then produced with a grass fibre content of up to 50 % (at least 30 %) and fresh fibre content (from FSC-certified forests). The fresh fibre content, which ensures the stability of the paper, can also be replaced by recycled paper fibres. Furthermore, the grass paper itself is also recyclable and compostable. Grass paper is ideal for food and service packaging. We at matabooks have discovered it for ourselves in book production and these days we can offer a wide range of products from postcards to notebooks to year planners made from grass paper.

Why does matabooks use grass paper?

The resource grass is a purely natural product and is available in Germany in sufficiently large quantities.

Even with intensive use of these areas, biodiversity can be guaranteed.

The grass is not destroyed during harvesting and grows back again and again.

Grass naturally has very little lignin. Therefore, no chemicals are used in the production.

The reduced transport distances mean that up to 75 % of CO2 consumption can be avoided.

The grass for the products is harvested in the close surroundings of the paper mill.

Paper consumption per capita

Paper consumption in Germany per capita is high and is only surpassed by a few countries.

Worldwide 50kg
Germany 250kg

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