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Our Mission

Our books should not only have an improved ecological balance but also be free of any animal components while meeting the technical requirements of book production. Together with you, we want to make life more sustainable and carry the philosophy of matabooks® out into the world.

Heu und Graspellets liegen auf veganem und nachhaltigem Graspapier
Opened novel from Matabooks on bed

Our Story

In 2015, a research project confirmed grass as a suitable resource for paper production. However, until this point, the sustainable alternative had only been used for packaging. In 2018, Kay Hedrich came up with the idea of using grass paper as a material for books and founded matabooks – the first German publishing house to produce vegan books from grass paper.

“Mata” is the word for “mother” in Sanskrit, the sacred Indian language, and symbolises respect for Mother Nature.

Our Philosophy

We, humans, consume so many resources that it would currently take one and a half Earth to meet our needs. We, therefore, need alternatives in order to conserve resources. In the field of book production, matabooks wants to make a difference.

As Germany’s first V-label-certified vegan publishing house with award-winning books made from grass paper, matabooks is revolutionising the book industry and creating a novelty.

The philosophy is all about sustainability. matabooks manufactures all products in Germany and uses environmentally friendly grass paper or sweet grass paper. This saves resources and reduces CO 2 emissions. Furthermore, no materials with animal components are used.

In addition, matabooks conducts research in the field of materials technology on processes that will lead book production in an environmentally friendly direction in the future.

It’s vegan, that’s dope!

Grass Paper

Grass paper is produced with a grass fibre content of up to 50 %, the fresh fibre content comes from FSC-certified forests and the grass fibres are also certified as organic. The grass paper itself is recyclable and compostable.

Read more about it here.

Sweetgrass Paper

Sweetgrass paper is 100 % wood-free, environmentally friendly, sustainable, socially responsible, ecological, compostable, and recyclable. The paper mill uses agricultural waste and works with farmers in India.

Read more about it here.


For the production of the books, matabooks works with water-based, glutin-free adhesives.

Eco-Printing Inks

The used eco-printing inks are free from mineral oils and therefore better for the environment.

Bookmarks and Elastic Bands

For the bookmarks and elastic bands, natural rubber and organic cotton in Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX® are used. This excludes genetically modified cotton.

Book Cover

Instead of leather, our book covers are also made of sustainable grass paper.


The V-label is an internationally recognised symbol for the transparent labelling of products that are vegetarian or vegan. There are certain criteria – such as the thorough testing of all ingredients for animal components or genetic modifications.

The V-Label certifies our notebooks and calendars as the official first vegan books in Germany.

vegane und nachhaltige matabooks mit V-Label Logo
nachhaltige matabooks Verpackung

Our packaging

In addition to our book production, we also try to make our shipping as sustainable as possible. Therefore, you will usually receive your Matabooks in plastic-free, recyclable packaging. However, if we receive plastic packaging material from other deliveries, we will reuse it for your package instead of disposing of it. At least this way, single-use plastic is not a single-use product.

Made with love in Germany

Our contribution to a better world

It is important to us to also incorporate components that concern animal welfare and environmental protection as well as community involvement into the matabooks concept. For example, we cooperate with upcoming artists for our products to give them the opportunity to present their work.

In addition, we connect each of our notebook collections with something charitable and, for example, donate a part of the proceeds to organisations that also work for a better world. In recent years we have already worked together with organisations such as PETA Deutschland e. V. or Pro Wildlife e. V. for our annual planners. We specify which organisation is supported by the particular product on the corresponding product page in our shop.

We also get active ourselves when it comes to cleaning nature from rubbish or representing our standpoint at events such as Fridays For Future.

Awards and prizes

Our products have already been awarded numerous prizes. In addition to various environmental awards, such as the Sächsischer Umweltpreis (Saxon Environmental Award), and the International Creative Media Award, we received the Non-Book Award in 2018 for our seed book, from whose cover wildflowers can grow. Our children’s book  “Willybo – Ein Elefant auf Wanderschaft” (Willybo – An Elephant on the Move) was also awarded the KIMI seal, which promotes diversity in children’s books.

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