The Nonbook Award 2018

2018 was an exciting year for us. Kay Hedrich not only founded our publishing house, but we were also able to celebrate our first successes. Today we tell you about a very special award: the Nonbook Award.

Nonbooks – What exactly is that?

In 2018, the Frankfurt Book Fair’s Nonbook Award, which has been presented annually since 2015, placed the focus in the book trade on a completely new product range – nonbooks. But what do nonbooks actually mean and how are they judged?

As the name suggests, a non-book is anything that is not a classic book. This includes products in the area of gifts and stationery, such as cards, stationery, calendars, or notebooks.

Those who want to win the Nonbook Award must first and foremost develop original, innovative, and sustainable products that offer a sophisticated design and high-quality content.
Of course, this immediately appealed to us. Because our notebooks made of grass paper meet exactly these criteria and are also sustainable and environmentally friendly. Because we do not use animal components, our books are 100% vegan and thus protect animals and our environment. Our design commissions go to unique and young creative minds and part of the proceeds are donated to social projects. On top of that, our books smell just wonderful like summer meadows!

We applied for the Nonbook Award with our sustainable seed books made of grass paper via an entry form. The special thing about them is that wildflower seeds are embedded in the book covers so that they can be planted after use and give something back to nature in the form of flowers.
Do you already know our blooming wonders? If not, then take a look here.

Winners’ podium for Matabooks

We sent the seed books with further information and pictures to the jury for a detailed and technical assessment. The jury was convinced by our product and we were happy about a successful third place. We are super proud of that. And since not only the jury but also many trade fair visitors thought our seed books were something very special, we were even allowed to present our first own Matabooks stand at the 2019 Book Fair, which invited many people to browse, discover and sniff.

Do you actually know our blooming wonders yet? If not, you can find a wide selection of seed books in our online shop.