Sustainable back to school gift ideas

Do you still remember the day you started school? The (still) light backpack on your back and an oversized big cone filled with candies, toys, pens, and other things for school in your hand. Gifts from relatives and friends were added to that. A fantastic day!

Starting school is a special day for every child. A new chapter of life begins; finally, school can be attended, and new things can be learned. Well, some of us already knew back then that school wouldn’t always stay so easy. But many first-time students usually look forward to it.

And so, you are now faced with the decision of what you can give to the newly minted schoolchild for their first day of school. Do you have no idea yet? No problem, we got you! Here are a few sustainable gift ideas for the school start.

Sustainable congratulations

Caring words, perhaps with a little pocket money, are always appropriate. And if you’re still looking for a beautiful sustainable card, feel free to visit our shop. There, you’ll find various designed greeting cards made from grasspaper.

Environmentally friendly (colored) pencils

Many children love to express themselves creatively and appreciate having new colors in their school life. Nowadays, there is a wide range of sustainable pencils and other stationery available. If you need some inspiration and want to browse through options, you can take a look here.

Children's books

To support children in their learning process, slightly simpler children’s books are great for starters. In our shop, you’ll find lovingly designed children’s books sustainably printed on grass paper. Colorful illustrations invite readers into an educational and exciting story.

The perfect lunch package

Every child, young and old, is delighted with a lunchbox filled with a variety of treats. Nowadays, there are alternatives to the typical plastic container. However, it doesn’t necessarily have to be the heavy glass option that can easily break. Practical everyday companions include stainless steel lunchboxes and water bottles. They can be personalized with colorful stickers for a unique touch.

Sweets or candies

What should not be missing in a good school cone? Exactly, sweets! Here too, there are great alternatives that have been sustainably and ethically produced. Here are a few small inspirations: Tony’s Chocolate, Jokolade, Forest Gum, or Katjes.


The gift wrap looks beautiful but unfortunately gets discarded shortly after. To avoid this, you can use things like old newspapers, which can be made eye-catching with decorations like pens, ribbons, or flowers. Other options could be reusable gift boxes, gift bags, or fabric. Let your creativity run wild!

In our shop, you’ll find more sustainable gift ideas, all vegan-produced. From yearly planners to notebooks and more.

We hope that these suggestions help you enjoy a wonderful school start and bring joy to the school children.