Cozy Reading Places for the Colder Seasons

We no longer wake up to glaring sunlight, the leaves have taken on wonderful shades of orange and red and for a few weeks now you can buy gingerbread in the supermarkets again. Autumn is hereby officially underway and winter is also already lurking around the next corner. While some still mourn the summer, others look forward to the little highlights that the colder seasons bring. One of our favourites is cosy reading on rainy days. Today we’re introducing you to cosy reading places that will brighten up your autumn and winter.

Reading outside in the summer is very popular. This is not so easy to implement for autumn and winter. To give you a little inspiration, we have summarised the most beautiful reading places for the colder seasons.

5 cozy Reading places

  1. Within your own four walls
    As we all know, home is where it’s at its best. Ideally, you already have a designated place, a reading corner, which is intended exactly for this purpose. There you will find your bookshelf with many beautiful treasures, an armchair and a small side table with a warm drink of your choice. But even without this luxury, you can simply make yourself comfortable on the couch or in your bed. Snuggling up in a blanket, lighting fragrant candles and reading your favourite book while the rain pelts down – doesn’t that sound tempting?
    If you’ve already spent too much time in bed, you can also run yourself a bath and enjoy your book in warm water. However, this should only be enjoyed in moderation for environmental reasons.
  2. In Cafés
    There’s something romantic about the clichéd scene of reading a book in a small, cozy café with a cup of warming tea or latte (with vegan milk, of course!) and completely forgetting the background noise around you, isn’t there? In fact, this reading place has its very own charm and is not only extremely popular in films and series. It’s best to have noise-canceling headphones with you so that you can completely immerse yourself in your world.
  3. In libraries
    For those who can’t block out the noise level in cafés and can’t do anything with headphones, libraries are the perfect alternative. Not only can you get out of the house and make yourself comfortable in a warm place, but you’re also guaranteed enough peace and quiet not to be torn out of your universe. You’re also surrounded by other books, which can only be a plus.
  4. In Bookshops
    Some bookshops have a small reading corner where you can “read” the books. This way you can make sure that you really like the book. You can usually make a preliminary selection with the bookseller. They are always happy to help you. Most of them are just as book-loving as you are! Tip: On our matamap you can see which bookshops stock our books. There you can take a first look at our matabooks.
  5. With Friends and Girlfriends
    Experiencing exciting things with your loved ones is fun and wonderful. But sometimes it’s also nice to get together to do simple activities together. Of course, you can read alone, but there is something magical about being in a room with good friends while everyone is in their own world.

There are probably a dozen more cozy autumn and winter reading places. If your favorite place was not among them, feel free to share it with us!

Last but not least, the most important component of a reading place, whether it is a summer or winter reading place, is a good book. We have a few of those in our assortment.