5 Tips for a Sustainable Easter with Matabooks

Flowers are starting to bloom and the shelves are full of chocolate bunnies – the time to celebrate Easter is just around the corner. Yet the festival as we know it today is probably a mixture of many different religions. The Christian meaning is clear. The crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus.
But the custom of baking an Easter lamb can be traced back to the Jewish Passover. The tradition of giving eggs at Easter can probably be linked to an ancient pagan custom. Even though traditions change over time, the meaning of Easter remains the same.

A New Life

Easter has a deep meaning that goes beyond the religious context. It symbolizes the Beginning of Life, liberation and the victory of life over death.

Nature is waking up again after a long winter’s sleep and Spring is coming – everything is coming alive, growing and turning green. We at Matabooks find this thought inspiring. Grass has a short life cycle and by using it to make paper, we can give it a second life while also helping to make the world more sustainable.

Before it was made into the Grass paper we use to make Novels, Notebooks and Greeting cards, it grew in a meadow. Rain and sun provided it with energy to grow, little insects buzzed around and the wind blew through the stalks. When you hold our grass paper products, like our greeting cards, you can feel the connection to nature and how the energy of previous life flows through them. This connection to nature is what makes our greeting cards so unique. Therefore, they are perfect for sending Easter greetings to your loved ones.

5 tips for a Sustainable Easter

This year, like last year, Easter cannot be celebrated as usual. Nevertheless, we have put together a few tips for you on how you can make the holidays more sustainable.

  1. Sorting out shelves and cupboards
    Give away or sell things that you haven’t used for a while. Someone could use them more than you and at the same time you will mentally create more space and relief.
  2. Do-it-yourself decoration
    Try using natural materials and avoid plastics. You can find endless ideas on the internet.
  3. Sustainable Gifts
    In our shop, you’ll find many items that make great sustainable Easter gifts, such as a Greeting card (or a cute Children’s book). Our grass paper products not only look great but also have a wonderful summer meadow smell.
  4. Prepare Treats Yourself
    To keep packaging waste to a minimum over the holidays, bake your own festive treats. Don’t feel pressured and try to have fun. Easter eggs can also be coloured with natural products such as different fruits and vegetables. Give it a try!
  5. Relax and Reflect
    Take time to calm down. The long weekend is your chance to slow down and reflect on your life. The current situation is not easy for any of us. Therefore, you should avoid unnecessary stress factors. Think about where you can bring more peace and relaxation into your everyday life, what does you good and what you are grateful for. In this way, you can gather new energy over Easter.

Give yourself a break and enjoy your free time

Whether you celebrate Easter or not, we hope you enjoy the time off. Use these few days of rest to get to know yourself again. Take a walk in nature, observe life in the meadow and take a deep breath. We wish you a relaxing Easter!