It’s going tropical! Save the German jungle with Matabooks.

Finally, the time has come: On Instagram, we had already let it be known that we have been working on new products. Now we can reveal the secret and introduce you to our new Tropical Pattern Collection.

The Basics

Like all our products, the new Janas are made from Grass paper. Moreover, they are 100% vegan. Because we use glue that is not made from animal bones. Furthermore, our covers are free of leather or plastic. Together with our eco-printing inks, this results in completely sustainable products that ultimately reach you in an environmentally friendly way.
Due to the special nature of the grass paper, you can draw and write on it with all pens and colors without any worries. Colors and inks neither run nor bleed through. However, it doesn’t hurt to wait a moment before turning the page so that fresh paint can dry properly. This way you avoid smudging your artwork or notes.

Tropical Pattern Kollektion Matabooks

Notebooks that help the German jungle

Our Jana is an absolute classic among notebooks and leaves you plenty of room to unfold. You can use it as a journal, sketchbook or for notes. And thanks to the hardcover, it also accompanies you on the go.
With our new Collection, we bring colorful floral patterns to our Jana Notebooks. You can also actively support the Beech Forest Project. This project is dedicated to the protection of ancient beech forests, which play an important role in climate and species protection. So let’s bring the German primeval forest back to life.


With its cheerful colors, the Jana “Citrus” will make you dream of warm summer nights, beautiful sandy beaches and the taste of lemonade. In addition, the beautiful illustration by Katerina Kirilova immediately puts you in a good mood. The Citrus is perfect as a travel diary, for example, whether on the beach or in the mountains, because its handy format means you can take it with you wherever you go. Let yourself be inspired and escape the sometimes dull everyday life with your new favorite notebook.

Jana Notizbuch Tropical Pattern Citrus aus Graspapier von Matabooks


Hanna Sokol has conjured up a beautiful illustration for our Jana “Jungle”, which immediately catches the eye with its dark background and light accents. The notebook is just waiting for you to breathe life into it. The best thing about it: you can use it in the way that suits you best, whether as a sketchbook, a journal or to capture erratic snippets of thoughts. Not only can you give yourself a treat with the Jana, it’s also perfect as a gift.

Jana Notizbuch Tropical Pattern Jungle aus Graspapier von Matabooks


Let your creativity run wild and your ideas grow just as wildly as the leaves on our Jana “Eucalyptus”. The cover design by Katerina Kirilova radiates mystical calm and helps you to concentrate fully on your plans.

Take some time for yourself and draw, sketch or write. The Jana “Eucalyptus” is just waiting to be filled by you.

Jana Notizbuch Tropical Pattern Eucalyptus aus Graspapier von Matabooks

Golden Leaves

Warm colors that bathe you in the golden rays of the evening sun – that’s our Jana “Golden Leaves”. The notebook accompanies you through thick and thin and provides a little splash of color in your everyday life. It holds your ideas, thoughts and everything you’re passionate about. It guards your secrets until you are ready to share them with the world.

The wonderful cover design is by the artist Anna Zolotukhina.

Jana Notizbuch Tropical Pattern Golden Leaves aus Graspapier von Matabooks


Every big project begins in a small way. With an idea, with a flash of inspiration. The Jana “Banana” offers you plenty of space to record all your ideas. It gives you space to develop and give free rein to your thoughts. It is the first to know about your ideas. And it will never tell you that your dreams are too big or your ideas are unrealistic. And it looks beautiful, too. The cover design by Kira Vladi shows banana leaves. Let them inspire you and grow beyond yourself.

Jana Notizbuch Tropical Pattern Banana aus Graspapier von Matabooks


With its elegant cover design by Katerina Kirilova, the Jana “Chrysanthemum” is as unique as you are. With its graphic illustration, light color accents and mystical motif, it will inspire you to dream. The notebook will faithfully stand by your side and give you space to write down your goals, plans and dreams and keep them until you put them into practice.

Jana Notizbuch Tropical Pattern Chrysanthenum aus Graspapier von Matabooks

No matter which Jana you choose, the Tropical Pattern Collection will bring tropical vibes into your home! Help us and support the Beech Forest Project with your purchase.