White Monday instead of Black Friday

White What? You’ve probably heard of Black Friday. Originally this day of discounts comes from the USA, it originated in the context of the Thanksgiving holiday. Many workers called in sick on the Friday after the holiday to enjoy a long weekend. Many people were driven to the shops on this day, which were “in the black” (i.e. made a profit) due to the increased sales. In order to attract even more shoppers, the tradition arose of offering unique deals and discounts on this day. The whole thing has now also arrived in Germany and is used by many shops.

At first, this sounds like a great offer that you don’t want to miss out on. However, these blatant discount campaigns lead many people to completely exaggerated and wasteful consumer behavior. Things are bought only because of the offer, without there being any need at all. This is not at all sustainable. Often it is only afterward that it becomes apparent that the products are not needed at all, and so they are returned – the double transport routes are even more damaging to the environment. In addition, all the campaigns at every corner trigger consumer stress in the consumers. This means that people are overwhelmed by the huge range of products on offer, as they have to make a lot of purchasing decisions – every decision in favor of something is at the same time a decision against something else. This is very stressful and puts a strain on the psyche.

That’s why a counter-movement was formed in Sweden in 2017: White Monday. It takes place on the Monday before Black Friday and is gradually making its way into Germany. On this day, companies, influencers and organizations set an example for conscious and sustainable consumption. They pledge not to use the following Friday for marketing purposes, but rather to educate people about responsible and resource-saving behavior. Of course, we are happy to be part of it!

Look for a new sustainable item to help the environment all year round, regardless of Black Friday or other discount promotions. Whether it’s a book, notebook or office supplies, if you’re in desperate need of something, we’ve got the sustainable alternative.🌿