Matabooks Reading List

We now also have reading samples in our shop. You can now take a look at our exciting matabooks before you buy. To give you a brief overview of our novels, we have put together a short reading list for you:

The Whisper of Rebellion
from Sophie Marlene Frohnauer

This novel has already captivated many readers. A dystopia with more emotions than fear, and the exciting struggle of different gangs for a future that doesn’t seem so far away – but above all a gripping story about self-knowledge, love and trust.
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Heroes Against Their Will – Arrival in Ænderland
from Molly Spitta, Nathalie Martius

Five children from five different continents disappear from the earth at the same time and dive into a world full of foreign cultures and extraordinary creatures. A novel that tells of great friendships and imaginative worlds – with a fast-paced plot and exciting climax.

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Levi – Can I stay if I go?
from Gabriel Peter Henry

Dive into a loving story about disappointment, self-confidence and self-discovery, and the emergence of a deep friendship. A book you won’t want to put down and heart-warming for the colder days.

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Multipla – The city of gears
from Arya Black

The world is contaminated, living beings have mutated and the rest of humanity lives crammed together in the newly founded country of Devidia. The secluded life of the young antique lover Delyla, however, is abruptly upended by a mysterious book and the even more mysterious detective Scarlar. Thrilling to the end, a gripping plot and great emotions!
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Black whales
from Carolina Claus

A gripping novel in which a young man struggles with himself and with life and ultimately realizes that there is no such thing as the perfect path. A profound and melancholy reading experience for the coming autumn days.
A profound and melancholic reading experience for the coming autumn days.

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For our little ones
We also have great children’s books for our younger Matafriends with exciting stories and important topics.

The children on the earth
Gudrun Pausewang

Our children have a good sense of the plight in which the good old earth finds itself. This book tells a highly topical story about how, with the help of children, a utopia becomes a reality that gives hope for the earth.

With “The Children in the Earth”, Gudrun Pausewang addresses everyone who is willing to think about it: What do we have to do to preserve our earth in such a way that our children will still have a desire for life? This book is a new edition of the story published in 1988, newly illustrated by Saskia Diederichsen. Gudrun Pausewang passed away on 23 January 2020 at the age of 91. “The Children in the Earth” contains the last texts written and authorized by her.

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Levken in the clouds
Sarah Opitz

One day Levken decides to let himself be carried by a colorful umbrella into the clouds where dreams live. There Levken meets whimsical dream creatures and encourages them to be brave and self-confident. On this adventure, Levken not only makes many new friends but also learns that you can be brave in the real world too. With enchanting illustrations, this book creates worlds to dream into. Through Levken’s experiences, children learn that they too can show courage and be themselves.

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The story of the tooth man
Tobias Wolfrum

Pia loves sweets. She can’t resist snacking even after brushing her teeth. And so it comes as it must: One night, the mean, super-duper tooth man nests in her mouth. But Pia wants to get rid of it by any means necessary.

Like many other children, the author’s children had a hard time being convinced to brush their teeth in the morning and in the evening. His father-in-law quickly remedied the situation by telling his grandchildren – just as he had previously told his child – the story of the tooth man. The author listened with pricked ears and decided to write down this story and thus make it accessible to other children.
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Plaster and the old grumble
Sarah Opitz

A book about friendship, the forest and self-love. A little toadstool is not accepted by the other forest dwellers. Sad and full of self-doubt, he wants to withdraw and meets a companion who helps him not to give up on himself.

This picture book by Sarah Opitz teaches children the valuable message of self-love and shows them how they too can accept others as they are. Because everyone is valuable in their own way.
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Willybo – An elephant on the move
Taisia Breite 

Quite sadly, Willybo, the little elephant, leaves the colorful city of animals, as he is teased because of his grey, wrinkled skin, his ears and his long trunk.
On his way, he experiences many adventures, which he only passes because of his special pachyderm characteristics. By helping animals in need, he finds self-confidence, good friends and also his very special place in the city of animals. Lovingly illustrated, this picture book tells of exclusion and friendship. It gives courage and arouses curiosity. Where are your own strengths and how can you use them?
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