Why it is important to support small businesses and start-ups

Especially in the current Corona situation, you hear the same advice over and over again: support your local business!

It’s no secret that many small businesses and start-ups are having a hard time staying afloat, especially in the current climate – but even outside of Corona, it’s a sustainable and good idea to invest in and support a small business. We have compiled a short list of reasons why:

1. An important cornerstone for the functioning of a community.

You can think of it like this: When you support a local business by shopping and/or ordering from it, you are not only supporting the business itself, but also everything behind it – including local suppliers, producers, interior decorators, etc. This not only supports a business in itself, but also the community in which it operates. This not only promotes a business in itself but also helps a lot in the background, e.g. to create jobs in your area.

2 Small businesses shape the character of a city

You probably like to stroll through your own city or a foreign one to explore it. And what’s so nice about it is that there are many small and independent businesses, shops, and restaurants that you don’t have on your own doorstep – what else would you travel to? In addition to shaping the character of the city, this also has a tourist purpose, which is how many small businesses thrive. So a city is not just a city – the cute little shops in the shopping malls or trendy districts are what make them special. If they didn’t exist, then every place would be less individual – and that would be quite a shame, wouldn’t it?

3 Creative Ideas that Shape the Future

Many small businesses are start-ups. And what makes them tick? Often one or more creative ideas that quite often serve to sustainably improve our everyday lives. For that reason alone, it is worth supporting them. However, this does not only apply to the products and services that start-ups offer, but often also to their corporate philosophy, which is usually as socially progressive as it is sustainable. Since start-ups are usually quite small, they can more easily keep up with the changing times and adapt to modernity – because that is exactly what makes them tick, and what we need as a society to continue to look forward to the future in a progressive way.

4 Sustainability as a top priority

One issue that has never been more on our minds than at the moment is environmental and climate protection. For this very reason, many small businesses and start-ups are addressing this issue and considering how various products and services can be developed and designed more sustainably. Often these companies are also transparent about the origin of the individual components of the goods. In this way, the consumer also knows what he or she is using and where it comes from. So it pays off all along the line to support a start-up!

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