Eco-mom: 4 tips on how you can act sustainably as a mother

Sustainability is not only a current trend but also of particular importance to our environment. You can live a sustainable lifestyle by not only consuming less but also consuming more consciously. As a mother, you face other challenges as you want to provide the best for your child without limiting or stressing yourself too much. That’s why we’re giving you 4 tips that can help you make your life with a child more sustainable.

Sustainable cloth nappies and muslin cloths

While there are now some pretty decent disposable nappy brands, muslin cloths and nappies, on the other hand, are a much more sustainable alternative. Gauze cloths are made of a fine, loose cotton fabric and get even a little softer with each wash. Whether you use them as cloth nappies, burp cloths, underpads or cuddle blankets, you can use them in many different ways, and they are durable too.

Buy secondhand

From an early age, children are in a constant growth phase in which they need new clothes almost every few months. So why buy new (brand-name) clothes every time if they no longer fit after a few weeks? An environmentally friendly option is to simply buy second-hand clothes. Many things, even after they have been worn, are still in very good condition and of high quality. Whether online or in your local second-hand shop, you can find something that you and your child will like.

Wooden toys

Wooden toys offer a sustainable alternative to conventional plastic toys. Wood is not only a natural material whose use can promote your child’s environmental awareness at an early age, but also offers so much more. Children discover the world through their senses – and wood in particular is an interesting raw material that smells of nature, earth and forest and can come in exciting shapes and designs. Wood is also harmless to health. Only in the case of wooden toys with coloured paint should you make sure that there are no chemical substances in the paint. Here you can simply use wooden toys with a test seal.

Sustainable children’s books made from Grass Paper

If you and your child love to read, then our sustainably produced children’s and youth books made from grass paper are an absolute insider tip. They are vegan and biodegradable. The paper provides a sensory experience: the pleasant coloring, the special feeling of nature under the hands, and the scent of hay result in an unexpected, positive book experience. This is particularly exciting for young children, as it allows them to perceive the book not only with their sense of sight but also with their sense of smell.

Avoid plastic as much as possible

In addition, you can make sure that you avoid plastic packaging as much as possible. Sustainable consumption may sound like a challenge at first – but in the end it doesn’t restrict anything and is even easy on the wallet. Conclusion: Even with a child, a sustainable lifestyle is possible, which is not only good for you and your child, but also for our planet. We hope our little list has helped you and maybe even inspired you to implement some of our suggestions.

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