13 Creative ideas to fill a Notebook

If you like notebooks as much as we do, you know that moment when you’re standing in a bookshop and you think: “These notebooks are so beautiful, but I don’t really know what to do with them”. That’s why we thought we’d put together a little list of all sorts of common and uncommon ways to keep a notebook. Have fun reading!

Bullet Journal

First of all, something very classic: Use your notebook as a bullet journal! You can put all your appointments, to-do lists, self-care trackers, wishes, goals, or small sketches in it and be as creative as you like.

Annual planner

In keeping with the Bullet Journal idea, you can also use your notebook as a yearly planner that you can design yourself from front to back.


To summarise your experiences and thoughts – be it to reflect on the day or to revive old memories – a notebook is also a wonderful diary.

Memory collection with notes, tickets, cinema tickets, …

However, if you find it difficult to write in a diary every day or you simply don’t feel like writing everything down in detail, you can also use an empty notebook as a “memory collector”. You can simply summarise certain moments that you want to remember or that made you particularly happy, stick in pictures, tickets, notes – simply everything that you want to remember. At the end of the year, you can review everything.

Poetry album/ collection of beautiful moments, days, quotes

Nowadays, only very few people own a poetry album. But wouldn’t it be nice to have a book that you just have to open to get inspired when you are in a little down phase? You could write anything that inspires you – quotes, memories, song lyrics, poems, and much more.

Photo album

A notebook also makes a great mini photo album, especially if you take a lot of analog photos and have a bunch of photos you don’t know where to put.

Write a story or draw a comic

Use the blank pages of your notebook to get creative. Use it as a sketchbook, or as a place to write a story or draw a comic you’ve always wanted to do.

Vocabulary book/ Homework book

A notebook is also great for school and university, or for studying in general. Apart from the fact that you can of course write down learning exercises or notes from class, a notebook can also be used as a homework book or a vocabulary book that you always have with you.

Recipe book

If you love to cook or bake and don’t always feel like spending hours on the internet looking for good recipes, turn your notebook into a recipe book! You can write all your favorite recipes in it and they are always ready to hand. It also makes a great gift for someone who loves to cook.

Friendship book

Who doesn’t know it from the old days – the friendship books that went through the whole class and where everyone could write their name? But why only have something like that when you’re a child? Even as a (young) adult, you can easily turn a notebook into a friendship book and pass it once through your circle of friends or use it for travel acquaintances. You are sure to collect many interesting stories that you will want to read again and again.


To keep your workplace notebook-free and tidy, you can simply write down everything organizational for your job in a notebook – you can use it for (customer) appointments, meeting notes, or even as a guest book.

Original correspondence

If you want to get in touch with your friends these days, just go on Instagram or WhatsApp and within seconds you can send messages around the world. This is very convenient, but often stressful, as you always have to be available or reply within a short time. To escape this fast pace, you can use a letter book. You can take turns writing letters in it with your friends and then pass the book on to the next person in your circle of friends – sort of like an exchange of letters, only in a notebook.

A wildflower garden

If you like all these things and now feel like buying a notebook, we also have something very special – our seed books. They are normal grass paper notebooks with wildflower seeds embedded in the cover. So you can plant the book after use and enjoy a little garden later! You can also find our Seed Books in our online shop.

We hope this little list has inspired you to fill your empty notebooks with new ideas. Maybe you’ve had a completely different idea for how you can use the empty pages in your book.

If you don’t have one yet, or if you’d like to buy a new one or give one as a gift, you can find our grass paper notebooks in our online shop. There we have a wide selection in many different editions – lined, dotted, or blank – depending on what you like. We would be delighted if you stopped by and hope you have fun browsing!