Huh? Vegan books?

Some people might wonder what’s not vegan about a book. But there are many more animal ingredients in it than you might imagine.
It starts with the bookbinding glue, which contains bone meal. Dyes can also be animal-based. For example, carmine (a red dye) is obtained from cochineal scale insects, which are bred on cacti in Peru. Leather bindings are also often used. You have probably come across such a book before.

Less well-known is that some papers are coated with gelatine to make the ink adhere better. At Matabooks, we do not use any of these ingredients and use vegan alternatives.

Why is this so important to us?

With our vegan books, we want to encourage sustainable consumer behavior and offer vegan people an alternative. And with that, we are in line with the trend. Little by little, there is a growing awareness, especially in the younger generations (but of course not only there) for sustainability. Protecting our earth is very important to us, so we are also researching alternatives that use fewer resources.

We, humans, consume so many raw materials that it would currently take one and a half Earth to meet our needs. Matabooks wants to make a difference in the area of book production. All our books are produced in a manufactory because we don’t want to produce more than is necessary.

So you see, Matabooks is not just a publishing house that produces vegan books. We want to do more. To use our impact and our resources to make the world a little bit greener every day.