Matabooks: Sustainable, Vegan and Certified

The Veganuary is all about vegan topics. In the previous article, we explained why we produce our products vegan. And not only that, since last year we have been allowed to print the official V-label on our calendars. We were the first in Germany to produce and sell vegan-certified annual planners.

What is the V-label all about?

The V-label is an internationally recognized brand for the transparent labeling of products that are vegetarian or vegan. There are certain criteria, such as the comprehensive testing of all ingredients for animal components or genetic modifications. The label is clearly printed on the back of the books.

What do we do?

At Matabooks, we only use raw materials from organic cultivation and our products are “Made in Germany”. We also completely avoid materials with animal components. For example, we do not use binding glue with gelatine, dyes such as carmine (which is made from lice) or leather for the covers. The grass for our paper comes from the Swabian Alb and is harvested by hay farmers, sun-dried and finally processed into grass paper. Matabooks ensures fair and social working conditions in all areas of the company, and we also support projects that are committed to the protection of animals and the environment as well as the promotion of social coexistence. To this end, we donate, give workshops or use our reach to draw attention to important issues.

In addition, we enable particularly creative young people to publish their work at Matabooks. With our products, we thus support the natural give and take in the circle of life. By the way, the name Matabooks is derived from the word “mother” in the original Indian language Sanskrit. For us, it is the expression of respect towards “Mother Nature”.