Gift Ideas: Give small things with a big effect!

Easter is just around the corner. Still, looking for something for Mother’s Day or a friend’s birthday? Nothing big, just a small gift? We’ve all been there. There are countless occasions for a gift that should be personal and unique, modest but not intrusive. The Dahara notebook gives you a lot of freedom. Thanks to its handy size, it fits in every pocket. Everyone can use it. The personal touch, however, is a little trickier.
Here are tips and tricks on how to make the Dahara the perfect gift.

How to use

Often you get a Notebook as a gift, which then ends up in a corner because it is too beautiful to use. Break this spell and write instructions on the first pages. Think about what the person can do with the booklet. This will give the gift a very personal touch.

What does the person you are giving the gift to like to do? Maybe there is a hobby or project that would benefit from a little book companion. Perhaps they like to drink wine and would like to note down their favorites. Or are they about to go on a longer trip, where the notebook could be turned into a travel diary full of beautiful memories? For inspiration, check out our blog post “13 creative ideas to fill a notebook”.
Once you’ve found a theme, you can let your imagination run wild. Whether it’s a simple list or you use your hand-lettering skills, it’s up to you.

When it fits, it fits

Have you acquired a taste for notebooks or can you think of a loved one who could use one? Then take a look at our online shop. There you will also find illustrated notebooks.
Our small but beautiful Daharas are completely vegan and made from sustainable grass paper. Their practical size makes them the perfect companion for everyday life or when traveling. The lush summer meadow is always with you thanks to the scent of the paper. Whether it’s an eco-friendly notebook, diary, or sketchbook, the Dahara makes a wonderful gift for your loved ones.

These Daharas are just waiting for you to give them as a gift:


Geschenkidee Dahara Easy Noitzbuch A6 aus nachhaltigem und veganen Graspapier von Matabooks

The Dahara Easy Notebook gives you plenty of room to get creative. Whether it’s for Mother’s Day with a big smacker or for Easter – maybe even colorfully painted? – the little book is flexible and leaves the design up to you. The Easy is ideal for people who are in the mood for minimalist design as well as for creative minds who like to let off steam and individualize their notebooks themselves.


Geschenkidee Dahara Orange Noitzbuch A6 aus nachhaltigem und veganen Graspapier von Matabooks

The fern is robust and sturdy. This shade plant doesn’t need much to grow and thrive. The green plant is a real eye-catcher – also on the cover of our Dahara.
Jonok sets the scene perfectly for the fern on the Dahara Orange.
Similar to this plant, our notebooks are also robustly built so that your thoughts and ideas can blossom just as much.


Geschenkidee Dahara Octopus Noitzbuch A6 aus nachhaltigem und veganen Graspapier von Matabooks

The octopus is considered to be incredibly adaptable. It can change the color of its skin and thus adapt perfectly to the seabed or its environment. The handy Dahara Notebook also adapts to any situation in life and can be taken anywhere.
The beautiful motif of the octopus was lovingly designed by Anna Mentgen.

Giraffes love

Geschenkidee Dahara Giraffes Love Noitzbuch A6 aus nachhaltigem und veganen Graspapier von Matabooks

Giraffes are very quiet animals. But sometimes you can hear a faint squeaking sound from the mother giraffes to call their young. It’s a beautiful metaphor for the fact that we also need to listen carefully to find our way. Make your loved ones happy and show them that you’re thinking of them with our little Dahara Giraffes Love. It combines the heartwarming design of Taisia Breiter with the practical features of a small notebook that fits everywhere. Whether you’re on the go or at home, whether it’s for yourself or as a gift!


Geschenkidee Dahara Panda Noitzbuch A6 aus nachhaltigem und veganen Graspapier von Matabooks

In its native China, the giant panda is revered as a national symbol. It is a symbol of luck and its appearance is interpreted as a good omen. The panda is believed to help bring dreams and reality into harmony and to find balance in life. Taisia Breiter illustrated this powerful animal on our everyday companion, Dahara Panda, to give every person a dose of luck on their journey.

Take a look around our shop and discover our wonderful, sustainable and vegan notebooks Dahara.