Female Empowerment

matabooks and Female Empowerment

You probably already know that matabooks is an ecologically sustainable company. Our products are made of Grass paper, vegan and biodegradable. But environmental sustainability is only one of the three pillars of sustainability. It also includes economics and social issues. These are just as important to our company as the ecology part. To contribute to social sustainability, we give young artists the opportunity to present their works on our book covers. A large part of our Novels is also written by young authors.

Another important point of social sustainability can be found among the “17 Sustainable Development Goals” of the United Nations (UN). Among them, the goal of “gender equality” is listed. Women* and girls* still suffer from discrimination in all parts of the world. With our notebook collection “Female Empowerment”, we want to contribute to representing the strength of all women* in order to take another step towards social sustainability. We stand for equal opportunities and equal rights for women* and want to make them visible. The cover motifs of the notebooks were therefore made by four superwomen who stand behind this motivation with us. Check out our Instagram channel @matabooks for more input on this important topic this month.

With every copy sold, we also donate part of the proceeds to the organization UN Women Nationales Komitee Deutschland e.V. UN Women Germany is committed to gender equality, women’s rights, ending violence against women, and eliminating all forms of discrimination against women. These goals can only be achieved together with men and women. Please support us in our efforts to make the world a little more sustainable in all directions and take a look at the new Taras in our shop.