Matabooks – Stories that inspire for the long term

Faraway lands, magic, mythical creatures, post-apocalypse, joy, utopia, dystopia, first great love, steampunk, heartbreak, sadness, murder, intrigue, suspense – it’s hard to describe all that books offer us.

Especially now, when it is not possible for us to travel around the real world and marvel at new countries and corners of the world, books are a great way to escape from everyday life.

In 2020, 12.62 million of those aged 14 and over in Germany picked up a book several times a week and dipped between the lines. Reading has obviously offered many people an escape in this strange last year. And maybe one or the other has already pored over one of the Matabooks books.

“Originally, the plan had been to go away again. Wherever, just far away. As far away as possible. Another continent, other faces, another world.”

– Carolina Claus, Black Whales

But it’s not only this aspect of books that attracts people.
The rustling of the pages, the beautifully designed covers, and the anticipation of a new adventure – who wouldn’t sometimes like to be a rebel and overthrow a government, catch a serial killer, or fall in love?

At the same time, however, sustainability is becoming an increasingly present topic in society, so the question arises: how can the love of haptic books be reconciled with a sustainable philosophy?

Libraries, bookcases, e-books, secondhand – every person who reads a lot tries to find their own way.
Our answer? Books made from grass paper by Matabooks!
They are vegan-certified, biodegradable, and produced with special attention to sustainability – in short, they are something very special.

“[The floor] was white marble tiles, peppered with grey accents. On the walls were large white and thick columns with golden figures hanging up. The center of the ceiling was made of glass. If the sun were still shining, the whole hall would glisten with daylight.”

– Sophie Marlene Frohnauer, The Whisper of Rebellion

But humans are notoriously sceptical about change. With “The Whisper of Rebellion”, the first vegan book made of grass paper, we have shown the book industry a sustainable way into the future. The production from grass paper meets the requirements of book production. Not only the paper is biodegradable in “Matabooks” – so is the cover, the printing ink and the glue. Everything is both vegan – i.e. completely free of animal components – and recyclable. Holism is the motto: the books should be completely sustainable.

“He reached into his coat pocket and pulled out a book. The cover was made entirely of metal, bent and welded together in layers. I took it carefully. It was heavy and even at first glance I could tell it must be valuable.”

– Arya Black, Multipla

“Once again I go to the front of the water, where reeds peep out from between some stones. I cast a glance at the other bank, which is difficult to make out in the dim light. But as I strain to identify two silhouettes, it becomes clear before my eyes: there he stands, waving at me.”

– Gabriel P. Henry, Levi – can I stay if I go?

So if you’re still looking for some new reading moments, then take a look at our Shop and let yourself be carried away by our stories. Because our novels will inspire you for a long time (attention: pun ;))!

“She listened and already the song unfolded its magical effect, encircled her head, penetrated her ears, seized her body […]. Syllable stalk – dandelion, Today interweaved. Blows the sail, has pushed the boats Gently.”

– Nathalie Martius & Molly Spitta, Heroes against their will

Our Matabooks books- currently we have 5 sustainable novels made from grass paper: