Girlpower: That’s what Girl Power means to us

New notebooks for more girl power

The new matabooks notebook editions are part of a very special project that deals with a topic that is very close to our hearts: the topic of Girl Power. On the occasion of International Women’s Day 2020, we thought we needed new notebooks; new motifs that reinforce the current Girl Power movement; that show the feeling of self-love and the beauty of togetherness. For this reason, we have teamed up with various female artists to completely revamp our grass paper notebooks and combine the two aspects of sustainability and female empowerment.

The particularly sustainable alternative Sweet Grass Paper

Our new notebooks are larger in size, with a hard cover and an elastic band made of natural rubber and cotton. The pages are made of compostable sweet grass paper and, for the first time, are also dotted or lined. All adhesives and printing inks used are based on purely vegetable and renewable raw materials, as is the case with our other books. In choosing the motifs, we received the support of the two artists and resaa. art, who also works a lot with self-love, self-acceptance and girl power. The motifs they designed for us show strong, beautiful women who are in harmony with themselves and the nature around them and whose bodies and souls are connected to the universe they are made of. At the same time, the motifs carry a calmness that affirms and grounds at the same time.

Notebooks with a message

Girl Power means all this to us, and so much more: the acceptance and love of oneself and one’s fellow human beings; character and appearance; being able to face them without prejudice and appreciating and respecting each other. Girl Power also stands for inspiration for us. We like to be inspired by other women, in our being as well as in our work, and in turn inspire other people who take an example from us. It is a fluid process and instead of keeping each other as small as possible, we give each other encouragement in our self-realization and look forward together instead of against each other.

In addition, it is important that we remind ourselves daily that we are enough and beautiful just as we are – with our thoughts, as well as with our appearance. Our book covers carry these messages and we hope that you will always remember them when you pick up one of our books.

What does #girlpower mean to YOU?

Maybe girl power means something completely different to you, or so much more than the points we have mentioned. Or maybe you haven’t thought about this topic at all and now you feel inspired to think about it more. A good and simple way to start is to write a nice note to your mum, call your friends, say hello to your neighbour, or give the cashier at the supermarket a nice smile. It doesn’t have to be a big gesture – it’s more about the little ones. It’s about being good to yourself and to other people. That’s #girlpower for us.

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