World Book Day: Matabooks donates children’s books

World Book Day: Matabooks donates children’s books

World Book Day has been celebrated every year on 23 April since 1995. This day stands for reading, books and the Rights of Authors. One reason why this day was chosen is the Catalan tradition of giving roses and books on St George’s Day.

Fun Fact – 23 April is also the anniversary of the deaths of the two writers William Shakespeare and Miguel de Cervantes. But we are not here to talk about history, but about books and reading. 

Gifting is also the right keyword here! We have planned a great campaign in which we would like to give books to children as presents. You can read more about it below!

Many of us love to read, but who knew that it is actually good for our physical and mental health? Especially if we start at a very early age.

There are many studies that prove that reading books has many positive effects on human health. Reading enhances communication skills, which are important for building and maintaining social relationships, and strengthens the human brain. In addition, books can reduce feelings of isolation and depression as people escape from their own world and enter the world of fantasy.

Therefore, parents should read with their children at a very early age. This builds a warm association with books and increases the likelihood that children will enjoy reading in the future. It also has a positive effect on school performance, increases vocabulary and boosts self-esteem.

We donate to you!

At Matabooks, we believe that every child should have the opportunity to read books.
So, in order to support children from families with few financial means, we have prepared a great campaign for you.

For World Book Day, Matabooks will donate another children’s book to the KulturLoge Dresden for every children’s book purchased through our online shop. The association enables people with low incomes to participate in cultural life.

We give you the opportunity to do two good deeds at once: You buy a book for your child or sibling and at the same time we donate a children’s book for you to KulturLoge Dresden.

The campaign runs until 23 May 2021 – so get in quick so we can donate for you! Let’s do something good together and make the world more colourful for children!

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