Green Easter: Your Guide to a More Sustainable Easter

Green Easter: Your Guide to a More Sustainable Easter

Snowdrops, crocuses and tulips are sprouting from the earth. The first rays of sunshine tickle your nose and some days it’s so warm you can leave your scarf at home. Spring has begun and with it comes Easter. Young and old alike look forward to the many customs and traditions that are celebrated during this time. Unfortunately, most of them are neither vegan nor sustainable. In this guide, we present ideas and inspiration on how to make classic Easter rituals more environmentally conscious.

The Decorations

Easter is colorful! Colors and shapes shimmer everywhere. The popular willow catkins hung with brightly painted eggs are classic. Of course, with a vegan lifestyle, this is out of the question. The plastic alternative is not the best either. But many craft shops offer eggs made of white paper-mâché, terracotta and wood. These can then be painted with the whole family.
Window decorations can be made from clay paper. Take a look at our shop in the office supplies category. There we have grass paper, which is wonderful for crafting. For example, we have the A4 300 g/m² grass paper, which is perfect for getting creative. Depending on how sturdy you want the paper to be, there are different paper thicknesses and sizes. You can cut out eggs and spring-like patterns from the paper sheet. If you want to capture the play of the sun, you can back the cut-out decorations with colored tissue paper.
Another way to get creative is with our Easy products. Whether it’s a calendar, seed book or classic notebook – you can always design the cover yourself. With bright colors, you have the opportunity to bring spring into your home. All our products are made of grass and therefore smell wonderfully like a flower meadow. Maybe designing our Easys will become your new Easter tradition instead of painting eggs?

Veganes und nachhaltiges Samenbuch Easy aus Graspapier von Matabooks

The sweet tooth and other trifles

If you come from Bavaria or Austria, you may be familiar with the tradition of Easter egg dipping. Two people each take a hard-boiled Easter egg in their hands. One person starts and hits the tip of his egg on the tip of his opponent’s egg with the intention of breaking the shell. In the family, Easter egg tippling is played around the table on Easter morning. The winner is the one whose egg is still intact at the end. The vegan alternative is plaster eggs in which a small treat is hidden. To do this, take small balloons and carefully wrap plaster bandages around them. When the plaster has dried, the balloons are deflated, the plaster egg is filled with treats and the hole is plastered shut. The eggs can then be decorated as you like.
Other vegan Easter treats include fondant eggs, edible Easter grass, jelly Easter eggs or marzipan eggs. If you prefer something more individual, you can make your own energy balls and knead them into egg shapes, for example. Fruit or other things can be wrapped in colorful napkins or cloth towels, making them perfect for the Easter egg hunt.
Children and adults alike enjoy the Easter egg hunt. They are not only happy about sweets but other small gifts can also be hidden in the garden or the home. Small paper bags that you can cut out in the shape of a bunny serve as good packaging – also for our A6 Matabooks. Daharas and Seed books are especially good for hiding for the search.

Sustainable Gift Giving

Sustainability is taking on an increasingly central role in the lives of many people. Make your loved ones happy and look for sustainability in Easter gifts. This shows them that you have given some thought to their or your lifestyle and how you can incorporate it this holiday season.
There are now many more sustainable and vegan alternatives to many products. You’ll also find a great selection of gift ideas in our Shop!
However, we think it’s best to give your loved ones a very special gift: time. After all, when was the last time you took time to go for a walk with your grandma, cooked for your friends or went to an event with your siblings? Giving the gift of time in the form of activities is worth a thousand words. If you still want to give something “tangible”, create a voucher for a joint activity. You can also print it on our grass paper or use our beautifully illustrated greeting cards.