New office spaces for the Matacrew

Großraumbüro von matabooks.

In our old open-plan office, there was always a lot going on: the boss closed the next big deal on the phone. The shipping department printed labels and delivery notes, while the marketing team worked on the next social media caption. At the same time, the graphics department worked on creative designs, and in the kitchen, lunch was prepared together. As nice as it was to work together and have short distances to each other, unfortunately, our open-plan office provided more distraction than concentration. That’s why at the beginning of 2022, we unpacked our handyman skills.

Die neuen Büroräume von matabooks.

Bye Bye Open-Plan Office

Thanks to the financial support of the Creative Space Promotion of the City of Dresden, we were able to create three cozy retreats. The initiative aims to provide suitable workspaces for creatives and cultural workers to support their work and enrich the cultural and economic landscape in Dresden.


Smaller Offices, Big Impact

Our new offices provide us with a quiet, structured work atmosphere. Now, meetings can be held, phone calls or confidential conversations can take place without disturbing the rest of the Matacrew in their workflow. The new work environment has helped us work more productively and with greater focus. A place where the Matacrew can fully realize their potential. Now that we no longer all sit together in one room, it is even more enjoyable to come together and chat during lunch break.