Make your year memorable with our annual planners for 2023

We have phenomenal news: Our new Annual planners for 2023 are finally here.
Let our grass and sweet grass paper planners accompany you in your everyday life next year, too. Once again, we’ve gone all out and worked with young artists to create diverse and dreamlike designs.

Below we give you some interesting facts about our calendars

Like all our products, the new calendars are made of Grass paper or Sweetgrass paper. They are also mostly handmade – the entire matabooks team has personally put their hands on it – and 100% vegan. Because we use glue that is not made from animal bones. Furthermore, our covers are free of leather and plastic.
Together with our eco-printing inks, this results in completely sustainable products, which in the end also come to you in an environmentally friendly way.
Like last year, our calendars are again available in two formats: A5 and A6. The larger calendars have plenty of space and room for you to be creative. If you like it a bit more space-saving and compact, you are on the right side with our A6 calendars. Because of their size, they fit perfectly in any pocket and can be taken anywhere.
Our grass and sweet grass paper allows you to draw and write on it with all pens and colors due to its texture. Paint or ink won’t run or bleed through. However, it does not hurt if you wait a moment before you turn the page, so that the fresh paint can dry well. This way you avoid smudging your notes, appointments or sketches.

Now it gets really exciting. What planners can you look forward to for next year?

Easy M/S

You may already know an old acquaintance, our “Easy”. For next year it is again available in two sizes. There is our “Easy M” made of sweet grass paper in A5 format and our small version made of grass paper, the “Easy S”, in A6 format. With its minimalistic design, the “Easy” is perfect to give you and your creativity free rein. You can paint, glue or scribble all over your cover. Or maybe you want to enjoy the naturalness and simplicity of the cover? Then go ahead! There are countless possibilities for what you can do with your “Easy”.
Inside, our annual planner offers you plenty of space for notes, sketches, memories and gift ideas. You’ll also find a few valuable tips on how to make your everyday life more sustainable.
Curious now? Then order your personal “Easy S” or “Easy M” right here in our store.

Black Tie A5

A new addition to our series of minimalist calendar designs is our Samaya “Black Tie“. It is made of sweet grass paper and has an elegant black cover. Just like our “Easys”, you can be creative and design the cover according to your wishes – this time on a black background. Of course, you can also leave the cover black and enjoy the high-quality dark look of our calendar.
Inside our “Black Tie” you have enough space for notes, sketches, memories and gift ideas. In addition, we have also provided you with a few useful tips for more sustainability in everyday life.
Can’t wait to get your hands on your own copy of our “Black Tie“? No problem! Just click on this link and you can get your new piece of jewelry at home.

Wanderlust A5

For all nature-loving souls, our “Wanderlust” Samaya made of grass paper is just the thing. With Rosas expressive illustrations, it evokes a nostalgic feeling of wanderlust and awakens the desire for new adventures in you. It should be your faithful companion on your next trip.
Inside you will find Rosa’s idyllic monthly illustrations and there is plenty of space for notes and sketches.
Are you already planning your next trip and want to have our Samaya “Wanderlust” with you? Then you can have it delivered to your home right away via the following link.

Wildlife A5

Our Samaya “Wildlife” is made of sweet grass paper and is all about wildlife protection. Together with Pro Wildlife e.V., we want to draw attention to this important issue.
In the calendar, you will find some helpful tips on what you should keep in mind on your next trip to protect wildlife. In addition, you support the organisation Pro Wildlife e.V. with your purchase.
Our “Wildlife” calendar was designed by the talented Ishiguro Meo. Each month is thematically assigned to a new wild animal. Furthermore, our calendar offers enough space for your personal notes and sketches.
Do you care about wildlife conservation and want to get our Samaya “Wildlife” as your annual planner for 2023? Then you can order it right here.

Focus A6

Our next calendar is the small and handy Samaya “Focus” made of grass paper. It is in A6 format and fits in any pocket. With its clear floral motifs from the hand of Kristina Troschkin, it is a real eye-catcher. Inside you will find inspirational quotes for each monthly illustration, which will help you to motivate yourself and to focus on yourself. Furthermore, our handy calendar offers you plenty of space for notes and sketches.
Do you want to take a closer look at the “Focus“? Then take a look at our store.

Spacewalker A5

Another diamond in our new calendar collection is the Samaya “Spacewalker“. It is made of grass paper and the detailed dreamy illustrations come from the talented Damian Górny. Let our calendar enchant you and take you on a dream journey.
In addition to the twelve beautiful monthly illustrations, our “Spacewalker” offers enough space for notes and sketches.
Are you already dreaming of your own “Spacewalker“? Click here to go directly to our Shop.

Wildflower A5

If you like it flowery and colourful, our Samaya “Wildflower” is the right companion for you. It is made of grass paper and will enchant you with its strong colours and multifaceted plant motifs by Anastasia Sälinger. Every month there is a different flower with its scientific name. So you can look forward to something new every time and perhaps discover one or two plants that you don’t know yet.
Once again, you have the opportunity to write down your own thoughts and sketches in the inside section.
Have you become curious about which flowers bloom in our “Wildflower“? Then order your very own copy right away.

Embrace A5

The last jewel in our new calendar collection is the gorgeous Samaya “Embrace“.
It is made of sweet grass paper and is undated. This gives you the flexibility to divide up the weekly overviews. The loving and encouraging illustrations come from the talented Christina Reymann. With its enchanting design, this calendar is a real eye-catcher and its strong messages will give you your extra portion of self-love.
Do you like to be flexible in your use of the calendar and would you like to be accompanied by our Samaya “Embrace“? Then find it here in our Shop.