Valentins Day

In love…with matabooks

On the fourteenth of February, Valentine’s Day is upon us once again. At matabooks, we’re excited to celebrate the day of love and have created a special Valentine’s Day card for you and your loved ones. In this blog post, we’ll also tell you about our favorite ideas to really enjoy the day of love.

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Valentine’s Day is celebrated just as different as everyone else in the world.

The day of love has become increasingly controversial, especially in recent years. Some celebrate it as a day of love with their loved ones, some see it as a reminder of self-love and still others criticize it as a capitalist gift day for the flower, chocolate, and card industry.

But aside from the increased consumerism in the run-up to Valentine’s Day, is there anything positive to be gained from the day?

Valentine’s Day finds its origin on 14 February 269, the day St. Valentine dies as a martyr for love in Rome. Because Christianity was forbidden as a religion, and with it church marriage, Saint Valentine personally advocated the secret marriage of two lovers, despite the ban.

It is impressive to see how much has changed in all these years, and all the more reason why we should celebrate all kinds and forms of love today.

The “Day of Lovers”, as it is also called, should be used to reveal one’s love through words, gifts, or deeds. The question that arises is:

What is love anyway?

According to the Duden dictionary, the meaning of love lies in a “strong feeling of being drawn towards; strong affection, based in feeling, for a [close] person.”
And to whom is this strong feeling of affection directed?

Everyone can answer these questions individually for themselves. Valentine’s Day offers an opportunity to take the time to think about to whom I assign this strong feeling and to whom I want to show this. It doesn’t matter if you just take care of yourself on this day and celebrate self-love if you enjoy the time with your favorite person and do something good for each other, or if you do nothing at all because you celebrate and distribute love all year round.

It’s your personal choice.

Lasting love

One final thought that we need to consider about love, especially in the face of the consumer society mentioned above, is: how can love be made sustainable? Living, sharing, and enjoying love in the long term and in the best possible way is a whole new challenge that we have to face in our fast-moving and ever-changing world – there is no perfect, universal solution.

Our Valentine’s Day ideas:

If you’re looking for some self-love inspiration or little acts of kindness for your own personal Valentine’s Day, here are a few more of our favorite ideas:

  • Clear thoughts: Take time for yourself and your thoughts, and write and illustrate everything you have ever wanted to capture. Wishes, goals, worries, hopes, or a detailed interpretation of your life. Just writing can help you to sort out your feelings and thoughts and thus to see and love yourself differently and anew – without any pressure.

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  • Spa Time: Your mind is perfectly clear and tidy and you would rather take care of your body again. Then use this day to do something good for it. Whether it’s food, drinks, sports, relaxation, or beauty – everything that helps you feel good in your body and unite your exterior with your interior will help you love yourself more and pass this love on to others.

  • Small pleasures: Perhaps you see this time as an opportunity to give yourself or someone else a small gift. Especially if you go for a personal and well-thought-out gift, whether homemade or bought, it shows that you have put some thought and effort into it.

  • Experiences: Here, too, you can enjoy experiences for yourself or with a special person and create time. A walk, an excursion, a dinner, or something similar – the time you experience is special and creates memories. Experiences that you share with yourself or with your loved ones and that you remember fondly when times get tough.

So no matter how you celebrate Valentine’s Day – whether with yourself or another person – all these tips can be suggestions to enjoy, celebrate and share love.

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Lots of love
matabooks xoxo