Turning books into plants – but how?

What do you do with books that you no longer read? Do they go further and further back in the cupboard or do they end up in the box for the flea market? But what about calendars that you can only use for one year? They often end up in the rubbish. Somehow, there is no ideal way to do this. With our Books, Calendars and Notebooks, you won’t be faced with this little dilemma. You can simply plant them or use them as compost. Since they are made of grass paper and only natural materials, they are completely compostable. With our Seed books, you not only protect our environment but also give something back to it at the same time. Seeds are embedded in the paper. If you plant your book, beautiful wild plants will grow out of it. Since we keep getting questions about this, we have prepared a little guide for you. Anyone can do it, even without a green thumb!

Step by step guide

Step 1 – The Preparation
First you need to decide when you want to plant your book. Spring and summer are best, of course, when the whole garden is in bloom. The location is also important. You can plant the book indoors or outdoors. It needs sun to grow, but not too much heat. If you plant your book in a pot, it should be filled about 2/3 full with potting soil.

Step 2 – The Plant
Place your book on the soil, layer about half a centimeter of soil on top, and press it down lightly.

Step 3 –  The Watering
Now add enough water to the soil so that the book is moist without drowning it. The first ten days after planting, the book should be kept permanently moist.

Step 4 – The Wait
If the first seeds start to grow, the book should continue to be kept moist, but less so than before. This will reduce the risk of drowning the seeds. As the plants become firmer and larger, you should water them occasionally so that they do not become too dry.

Step 5 – The enjoyment

After a few weeks, the plants will flower. If you want to put them in a vase, you can of course cut them off, but they also look beautiful in a pot or in the garden.

If you follow these steps, you can first enjoy your seed book and later the flowering plants!

Seed paper is a product that should be handled with care. So if the conditions of planting are not optimal, such as too much or too little watering, it can rarely happen that the seeds do not start to germinate.

If you now feel like sowing your own flower meadow, then take a look at our Shop.

Have fun Gardening!