Kimi Seal of Approval

Our children’s book “Willybo – An Elephant on the Move” was awarded the Kimi Seal on 3 July 2020!

The book is about the little elephant Willybo, who sadly leaves the colourful city of animals because he is teased because of his grey, wrinkled skin, his ears and his long trunk.

On his way, he experiences many adventures, which he only passes because of his special pachyderm characteristics. By helping animals in need, he finds his self-confidence, good friends and also his very special place in the city of animals. Lovingly illustrated, this picture book tells of exclusion and friendship. It gives courage and arouses curiosity. Where are one’s own strengths and how can one use them? This children’s book for ages 5 and up is made of 100% grass paper.

The Kimi Seal honours children’s and young people’s books that show a particularly high level of diversity in terms of content. In lovingly illustrated pictures, Taisia Breiter tells the special story about Willybo the elephant, who learns to love himself. The book deals with how bad exclusion can feel. But it is also about friendships – and encourages readers to discover themselves!

We at Matabooks are incredibly proud of our first children’s book made of grass paper! By the way, you can find many more exciting and imaginative children’s books and young adult novels in our online shop. Feel free to drop by, we look forward to your visit!