Matabooks is down!

Matabooks is down!

Our Instagram account, which was normally accessible via, has been deactivated and unfortunately, we don’t know why.

We are trying hard to reach someone from Instagram and Facebook (now “Meta”) so that they can help us. Unsuccessfully.

To be honest, we feel very helpless and at a loss at the moment. This arbitrary blocking makes us quite sad.
So much work, love, and commitment have gone into this account, our #Matacommunity has grown so much and there were still so many actions planned with influencers and partners.

Instagram, what’s going on? #BringMatabooksBack

Do you have any ideas about what else we can do? We are extremely grateful for any tips!

If you would like to help us, please share the following picture in your Story, tag Instagram and add the hashtag #Matacommunity in the empty field. Maybe we’ll reach one of the people responsible on Instagram so that they can help us. We’ll keep you posted!

UPDATE: In the meantime, we are online again! Unfortunately, we still don’t know what exactly caused this block. But we are even happier about all the support we received from our Matacommunity within the 4 days. Many thanks for that!